We Turn Ideas Works of Art

We are enormously flattered that the PILLART look has become one which is both widely recognized and used by many high-end client when developing the interior style for their project. Artwork detailing as our strength and an East meets West aesthetic are all parts of our signature look.

Deeply consulted & intense discussion to get identity of our client in our design and we are make sure in every project that we created have their own characteristic and limited to our client, that will become hallmark for our clients.

We’ve always wanted people to feel a great sense of warmth in their home, Mature in their office, Luxurious look in their hotel, Cozy feelings in their restaurant, and all cocooned in comfort and surrounded by gorgeous pieces which we’ve discovered, all of which help to enhance those satisfaction and proud feelings of our clients.

PILLART provide professional design consultant for Interior Architect and compliment with unique product or furniture design, we give solutions for our client on their budget efficiency, with attention to detail that will achieve value through the most efficient use of space, and careful selection of palette, materials and finishes. Environmental and contextual sensitivity, energy efficiency, low maintenance costs can bring extra benefits to your project and long term savings.

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